Thomas' Fire Drill is the 10th episode of Thomas the Trackmaster Show.

It is also the season 2 primere



  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • James
  • Percy
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Toby (does not speak)
  • Bill and Ben (cameo)
  • Harvey (cameo)
  • Sir Handel (cameo)
  • Annie and Clarabel (cameo)


  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Coal Mine
  • The Windmill


This is the first episode of season 2

This is the first episode to use the new season 2 opening

There are simalaraties to dw all fired up

This is the only episode to be presented in 29087 ratio

this is the only episode to be in 2009

this is the last episode for a wile

this is the. Last episode to have ramafools young voice

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