The secret tunnel is a TTTS short wich shows the five engines getting sucked into Thomas' shed.


Thomas and percy are exited about friday so they help Gordon get ready but when Billy sleeps in Thomas' shed he gets sucked in which makes James and Gordon get sucked in as well so Thomas and percy go to get them back but they all end up in a place where there is no internet so the engines statr looking for tracks but they dont succsed at it and Billy gets hungry but percy eats all of the chips that Thomas got for friday and then he tries to eat coal.

Then James says that he did a sience experement so he does another one and get back to sodor when they are face to face with deisel 10.







The clone of Thomas



  • when thomas and percy are helping Gordon he says the line from the lego movie
  • when billy gets sucked into the tunnel you can see its the same one from TTTS AND TTRS crossover
  • the strange place that they appear in is Ramahfools sofa
  • henry just stands in the sheds and dosent do anything because he's sleeping.

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