Ben Ambrosini (January 29, 1998) is an American YouTuber known for his series "Thomas the Trackmaster Show". He is also known by his YouTube name "ramahfool". He also is a fan of many children's shows like WordGirl, Little Einsteins, Thomas and Friends, Bubble Guppies, and most notably Making Fiends.

Ramahfool TTTS uploads:


The Great Discovery

Thomas and Tillie

The Trouble with Thomas

James and Duck

Good Morning

Mother's Day

The Donut Sneakers

No Rules Rule or New Friend

Cousin Neville

Train Safety Tips 1: Stay Alive

Spencer In Trouble

HO Trackmaster


Holiday Mess-Up

Bill and Ben (episode)

The Perfect Valentine

Haikus of Regret

Crazy Trackmaster (cancelled)

Thomas's Fire Drill

Train Safety Tips 2: Avoid Bridges and Tunnels

Toby Meal


Naughty Crane

Crazy Trackmaster (cancelled)

James and the Tornado (cancelled)

Thomas and Percy's Best Friend (cancelled)


Engine for President

Valentine Morning

Percy's Wishes

Thomas the Prankster

Henry the Easter Bunny

Making of a Video

Engines of the Basement

Accidents on Sodor

Thomas Can't Sleep

The Haunted Diesel

HO Trackmaster 2 (cancelled)


James's Wishes

Early Pranks

Mother James

The Start

The Future

Gordon Returns

The Bully

Thomas the Trackmaster Show The Movie (postponed)

Scary Stories

Percy the pet


Super Fast

Hot Day

Cookie Thief

Sir Topham Who?

Top 5 ways from Thomas The Trackmaster Show


Thomas and Annie's Wishes

The secret tunnel

The Revenge of Diesel 10

Between 2015-2016 there has not been much TTTS videos on Ramahfool's channel.

2017 (subject to change):

Short 11 (coming soon)

Fatty Goes Up (coming soon)

Madge's First Day (coming soon)

Thomas the Trackmaster Show The Movie (coming soon)

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