• Zoe Trent as Dipper (both like to be leaders)
  • Pepper as Mabel
  • Russel as Stan
  • Blythe As Wendy
  • Vinnie as Soos (both are dumb)
  • Penny ling As Candy
  • Minka as Grenda
  • Sunil as Ford (Fords voice suites Sunil)
  • Fisher Biskit as lil Gideon
  • Buttercream as Bud Gleeful
  •  ??? as Toby Determined
  • Jasper Jones as Robbie V
  • Parker as Gorney
  •  ??? as Bill Cipher
  • Yungmee Song as Tambry
  • Pete the Rat as Jeff the Gnome
  • Mary Francis as Rumble Mcskermish
  • Josh Sharp as Blendin Blandin
  • Madam Pom as Pacifica
  • Whitney and Brittney as Pacificas friends
  • Mrs. Twombly as lazy Susan
  • Mr. Barish as Mr. Poolcheck
  • Mr. Twombly as Lolph
  •  ??? as Dungren
  • Gail as Tyrone please comment more

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